Corporate Social Responsibility

Mahatma Gandhi was once asked, what he thing of civilization, and he replied, that it is a good idea.”

We believe that a true civilization can exists only when every living being in it, and out of it is living a happy and evolutionary life. When there is no status disparity between a: State, Religious Authority, and a common man.

We strongly believe in serving the society and we refrain ourselves from using the words “Giving back to society”, as we believe that whatever we have is not ours, and will not mean anything if there was no society. The attitude of giving and serving makes one’s character strong and fluid at the same time. The power of tolerance is magical.

We try to imbibe these qualities into ourselves and persistently endeavor to make our company culture around it. N-Tech asks everyone to believe in a “purpose” which is beyond materialistic perception.


Social responsibility is a constant activity at N-Tech.

Our upcoming CSR initiative


Out first mission is to map entire nation’s garbage and pollution and present it in front of the authorities who are directly or indirectly responsible for solving it. From day one, they will be able to know where the complaints are coming from, and who is not doing his/her job properly.

This is our effort to give the local authorities, and Government, more visibility and real time information of the issues faced by common people.

This can be a stepping stone for real e-governance, and higher authorities will have transparent, clear and real time feedback directly from people.

Some of our past initiatives

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