IT Company

For many years, we have provided dedicated resources to offshore I.T companies, across Europe and North America.

With substantially low hourly/weekly/hourly rates, you can outcompete other companies and can grow exponentially.

We create strategic partnership with you and provide you with flexibility in utilizing resources. You do not have to pay the hiring cost, infrastructure cost, manage legalities, firing compensation, bonuses etc.

We take care of everything, so that you can focus on your projects and utilize talent in an efficient way. We ensure that a high level of coding standard is followed along with detailed documentation, which empowers you to plug and play resources to your projects, according to your planning and budget.

Higher resources when you have the project:

Being an I.T service company, you have to act smart. You do not need to keep paying salaries when there are no projects on hand. The downtime in the project inflow consumes most of your profits. You can stop this right away by following “developers on demand policy”. Whenever you get a new project, you will have a list of your favorite developers, from which you can allocate the one you like.

Review the resume

We provide resumes of the developers for your review. Besides technological skills and capabilties, these resumes also show the amount of experience they have and they type of projects they have done. Out of many options available, you may want to go for a developer who has required skill and competency level, and who has already worked on a similar project.

Get a real time test exercise:

We provide 2 hours of coding free, so that you can review the coding pattern, standard, and skill level of the developer. Once you are satisfied with the test exercise, we allocate that resource for you.

Track the work:

We use different tracking tools which gives you an idea of what is going on, and exactly which tasks are performed by your developer. Along with the real time tracker, you also get a task list sheet, which mentions the tasks done, and hours spent behind those tasks. This gives you a clear idea of the project progress and tentative deadline of the project.

Plug and play resources:

Decide on a weekly basis how many developers you want to deploy for your project. You can easily plug and play developers to your project on a weekly basis. You can also replace the programmer during the course of development, if you are not satisfied, and think that a replacement can do a better job.

Any technology and full stack:

We provide programmers for almost all technologies and can provide you with a single programmer or team of programmers who can act as a full stack package for you. You do not need to pay for the whole team, as the developers can jump in and jump out of the project as and when required. So you get the full stack package for your project, but you will be charged only the amount of hours spent by the programmers.

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