IT Consulting

IT Consulting

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N­tech has been working with many international clients in successfully launching their products and services across multiple industry domains. We have strict Non Disclosure Agreements, and code of ethics, which has resulted into an unwavering circle of trust among our clients. This has helped our clients in trustfully sharing their business vision with us.

I.T project Technical, Business and Organizational risk analysis

  • I.T strategy

  • I.T governance

  • I.T infrastructure advisory

  • Microsoft solutions

  • Big Data services

  • Enterprise Architecture

  • I.T roadmap and plan

  • I.T strategic alignment analysis

  • Cloud advisory services

  • Process Consulting

Strategic I.T Alignment

Alignment of I.T and business strategy is crucial to obtain desired value from I.T investments. If your I.T goals and strategy does not follow a strategic fit with the business goals, strategy, and available infrastructure, then it can result to chaos and financial drain of the organization.

At N­Tech, we analyse three separate risks associated with IT projects:

Technical Risk (will the system function as it should?)

Organizational Risk (will individuals within the organization use the system as they should?)

Business Risk (will the implementation and adoption of the system translate into business value?)

Focusing on customer centric value creation for an organization

The evolution of cloud computing and enterprise mobility has changed organizations’ perception of I.T from being just a support system to a major value creator. Our experts take full ownership of your business ideas or project on hand. We deliver solutions and plans keeping in mind the future growth of the company and anticipated changes in the business environment.

Our indepth market research and experienced industry experts provide customer centric solutions, creating more value for customers than your competitors. While selecting the right technology solution, we keeping in mind the long term benefits instead of short term gains.

Strategic Capabilities

N­tech business consulting works for small enterprises to big businesses helping them achieve business transformation. Our consultants help clients implement new operating models and processes to improve productivity and customer service. We have cross industry experience and industry domain experts to provide the right solutions to our clients.

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