Native App

Native App

As estimated by mobithinking, by 2017, 4.4 billion people will be using apps. A crunching demand for a ubiquitous presence in the digital age, has stirred an anxiety among businesses and organizations. N-tech with its focussed approach has clear consulting guidelines for both, businesses and organizations who wants to debut in the world of apps, and for those who are looking to refurbish their apps/apps strategy

With millions of native apps available in the market, N-tech will help you stand out from the crowd.

Service Offerings

  • i-phone development

  • Android development

  • Windows mobile development

  • Windows 8 apps development

  • HTML 5 apps development

  • i-pad development

Advantages of using native app

After creating multiple apps for the pharma and health care industry, N-Tech has gained tremendous experience in terms of creating advanced level apps, involving data security of web services and use of comprehensive features of the Smartphone's like, use of barcode scanner, QR code scanner, camera, GPS system, image scanner, contacts book, calendar, push messaging, and direct messaging.

  • Native Apps can be used offline. No internet connection is required in most of the cases.
  • They are fast and reliable
  • They provide a much better user and graphic experience
  • Mobile Device features like camera, address book etc can be accessed and used by Native Apps
  • Push Notifications can be managed through Native Apps

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