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April 3, 2017
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April 3, 2017

BEADGENiUS Game Application, based on Google App Engine

BEADGENiUS Game Application, based on Google App Engine

CMAS is a unique scientifically-proven brain development program designed for children aged 4-12 years old, offering them an opportunity to accelerate their progress in mental abilities, development and academic excellence. Discovered by UCMAS international head quarters’ founder and president, Dr Diinoh Wang, the abacus in humble and ancient arithmetic tool used to hone and sharpen student’s mental abilities. Combined with today’s education techniques, our potent mental arithmetic system is recognized worldwide with proven results, the most obvious being student’s fantastic mental arithmetic abilities.


Client was having its own existing game application which was trapped in between. After functioning with other companies on existing application client came across N-Tech Technologies and demanded for our assistance to setup a new database with a filler school in it along with more customization.

Existing Application’s backend is in Django, running with the Django-norel extension to allow it to run on Google App Engine's high replication data store (which is non-relational). Front-end: The HTML code for the site uses Django's templating language to generate the HTML from database objects (see https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/topics/templates/).

The more advanced UI elements use JQuery, to perform all AJAX operations (a good amount of the backend .py files return JSON rather than HTML and are plugged into the webpage using JavaScript/JQuery once downloaded). A few places on the site (e.g., the teacher part) with fancy tables thatallow sorting and filtering using JQuery UI. in particular Data Tables, a JQuery extension, with a number of modifications, and the calendar pop-up also use Date Picker from JQuery UI.e with proven results, the most obvious being student’s fantastic mental arithmetic abilities.


Based on requirements from the client, our team of experts have worked further on customization and resolving bugs using Django’s framework of Python. Phases long-drawn-out by our players:

  • Correct the Algorithms and Graphs
  • Make clear perception unit
  • Worke on Teacher Module
  • New Administrative sectionwith new authority
  • Make worked Roll based Algorithm
  • Solve per game calculation problem
  • Implement overall performance functionality
  • Solve problem of teacher can't invite student
  • Add 3 administrators apart from given one.
  • Solve display "Hi Administrator" problem for admins
  • Solve progress bars showing wrong values problem in per game screen.
  • Solve progress bars showing wrong values problem in overall performance screen

Business Benefits

With N-Tech Technologies, client has come across with many benefits in their processes. Some key benefits that client realized include:

Client has been able to expand its vision and has already started developing the next phase of the project, which is much more comprehensive with more than 5 complex games.
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