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April 3, 2017
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Feature compact Chat Application for Android & iOS

Hola Out Chat Native Mobile Application

Kagiso Interactive is a leading South African technology giant and believes in providing forward thinking creative solutions that yield exceptional results. With a solid approach to planning, realistic implementation and value, they deliver customized, results-driven programs to achieve their clients’ specific marketing goals


Kagiso Interactive wanted N-tech to develop a unique native mobile chat application (Android & iOS) that combines whatsapp, instagram and VOIP features with user friendly interface. Client wanted a chat application that helps users to express their view by sending text messages to friends, share images/video with friends, create drawings, share drawings with friends, and voice call.

We have to consult client for the best sdk to use for the chat application. Our business consultants and developers analyzed client requirements & various sdk for chat application, and then the team matched the client requirements with sdk to finalize “Quickblox (” with the client.


N-tech developed and delivered native mobile application for Android and iOS platform. Our designers have designed a user friendly interface for the application and developed an application using latest technologies.

The comprehensive chat app developed by N-Tech had below given major features.

ur developers & business consultant team have closely worked with the client to understand their requirements, that helps our team for a better project management & communication and finally we have delivered best solution to our client.

  • User can register with basic information and can login to application, users can syn mobile contact & facebook contact on mobile application and can invite contact to use application.
  • User can search & add new friends and invite friends.
  • User can send text messages to other friends
  • User can share images from mobile internal database and can search images from “Google” and share the same with friends
  • User can share video from internal mobile database and can search video from “Youtude” can share the same with friends
  • User can create customize drawing with multi-colors and can share the same with friends.
  • Voice Calling feature helps users for the proper voice commutation with friends
  • We have also implemented self-destruction, message timer in chat app.
  • Go "off the record", and have full conversations that automatically disappear
  • Send self-destructing texts, photos, drawings, and other multimedia
  • Use synced deletion to take back messages that were already delivered and read
he most amazing team that we have ever used on elance.!!!!

Director KagisoInteractive