Feature compact Chat Application for Android & iOS
April 3, 2017
BEADGENiUS Game Application, based on Google App Engine
April 3, 2017

Micromo Micro Motion Solutions For Android & iPhone Application

Advanced Engineering application for World’s leading micro-motors manufacturing company.

The FAULHABER Group has 1,300 team members worldwide in 29 countries. The major portion of this production consists of complete drive systems that were custom build in close cooperation between FAULHABER engineers and their customers Their state of the art research and development facilities provide them with the tools for continuous product and process improvement. This is where the drive technologies are developed, tailor made to meet the challenges of their diverse customer base. Their product development is highly flexible. The close contact between their research and development department and production ensures high quality from design to finished product. The group supplies solutions to clients like NASA, U.S Military defense, and Bioengineering companies.


Client wanted to outcompete its industry players by leveraging software applications which can provide automated D.C motor design calculations and solutions. The client wanted to take a leap into the world of smart phone apps which can help its engineers calculate the D.C motor specifications and design calculations in real time from the smart phone itself.


The engineering application for the smart phone, involved lot of complex engineering calculations and equations. The equations were dependent on each other and shared many common variables. Lot of default values were assigned to variables in equations depending on the type of motor and calculations to be selected by the user.

The project required an industry expert having a background of electrical engineering and who possessed thorough knowledge of D.C motors and its design calculations. The equations were to be derived in a specific order to get the values of variables used in other equations.

The client also wanted to integrate chat application and contact forms available on its website.

Even though the application involved complex equations and data fields, the client wanted a very user friendly User Interface, with proper field range validations, and the time required to input the data was supposed to be few seconds.


N-Tech Technologies has been already delivering solutions involving complex and advanced mathematical calculations, to world’s leading Astrology and Engineering companies. Strong industry partnerships helps us provide dedicated industry experts to the projects like this. We created a project team of Engineers specialized in the field of electric engineering, on-site project manager, developers, designers and scrum managers.

Involvement of Industry expert simplified the overall understanding of the characteristics and flow of complex equations. Effective knowledge transfer methodologies helped us analyze how engineers use these engineering equations, what catalog data inputs are required to calculate motor design specifications, which values are to be taken in default scenarios, and what level of accuracy we have to achieve.

Because the client wanted to include chat and contact us features available on its website, without exposing its website to any kind of external integration or web service, We decided to create a hybrid app.

Instead of traditional development approach, we started working on the back end first, which helped us to focus more on engineering equations and getting the accurate calculation results.

One the equations were set, we then derived what inputs are going to be manually inserted and what inputs are to be assigned default values automatically.

Once the data flow diagram and input fields were finalized, we started working on the User Interface.

We worked very closely with the on-site project manager and the engineering team of the client, providing 24 hour turnaround time for implementing changes and updates.

Daily scrum meetings and project management helped us deliver the application before deadline despite of many last moment changes in the application from the client side.

Through close engagement with client, together we established test values for the equations, which helped us test the efficiency and accuracy of the application.

We provided an application which possessed flexibility to expand in terms of functionalities and features. N-Tech also worked closely with the marketing team of the client and provided them with necessary resources to initiate marketing on the launch date itself.

I want to thank you and your team for the tremendous effort this week on the launch of our first app (hopefully, the first of many). Your quick turnaround and attention to our special requests is appreciated greatly. Your help with our first venture in the world of apps will certainly help us down the road."