Quality Policy

Ntech is committed to provide the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction.

We adhere to proven and value driven planning, monitoring and control, documentation, architecture and design, coding, testing, quality and people management. The company’s leadership ensures that its quality policy is understood, valued, and implemented at all levels. Therefore, we believe in rigorous testing at multiple levels, and the higher management ensures that the element of intelligence is added to all the projects, developed by us.

Dedicated quality analyst team

We have a dedicated quality analyst team, which ensures that the software developed by us, meet the expected coding standards, and function as per our customer requirement.

Customer satisfaction

The C.E.O at Ntech personally reviews the survey done by the customers at various levels of the project, which shows that quality and customer satisfaction is taken very seriously at Ntech.

Providing quality services

Ntech appreciates and rewards employees at all levels, who excel in providing quality services to the customers

Improve our quality

It is our policy to continuously improve our quality standards by analyzing our policy standards and processes time to time, and by implementing new standards.

Relations with our customers.

Quality is an integral part of our business philosophy, and it is deviced to constantly enhance the reputation of our company, and our relations with our customers.

3 Month free support

We aim at providing software which delivers more than the client expects, with zero defects, bugs and errors, and with 3 month free support and training to the client.

Quality development

Quality is better judged by our customers, and therefore we have systems and processes in place, which provides us transparent and real time feedback of our customers, which helps in providing a quality development, fulfilling or exceeding their expectations.

Materials and training

Ntech provides all necessary tools, materials and training in order for its employees to delivery quality software development and coding of international standard. This includes but not limited to latest version licensed software, computers with excellent computing capabilities, training from domestic and international experts, and training for soft skill development.

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