Smart Leadership

What is “Smart Leadership” programme?

As Ntech is expanding aggressively, Smart Leadership programme prepares management executives to be more independent, with sharp entrepreneurial skills. This is its own perks, for example, the employees get a chance of becoming partner in the company, through stock options, and through various forms of product partnership and revenue sharing.

Why “Smart Leadership” ?

Business is all about people. With gen x and y joining the workforce, there is a substantial difference in the workplace values and culture. Employees no longer work with the company just because they are getting a salary. There are more deeper factors than the salary, which motivate employees to be with the company and perform better.

Managers today will have to understand the motivation which goes deeper than just material reasons, to effectively lead and manage employees. Smart Leadership empowers management executives in understanding the new psyche of the workforce, in order to lead them effectively. This also helps in establishing a healthy and a good working relationship between management executives and other employees, bringing transparency and a sense of community in the organization.

Smart Leadership for management

At Ntech, management executives enjoy all the benefits of the Smart Advantage programme, and also get a lot more as part of the Smart Leadership Programme.

Knowledge transfer and resource sharing related to effective management and leadership
Opportunity to implement new ideas and management style
Training on understanding employee psyche and effective leadership
Training on business etiquette and networking opportunities at business conferences
Product ownership and partnership opportunities

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