Web App

Web App

With different Smartphone companies using different platforms, like IOS, android, Symbian, Windows 8 etc, creating native apps for all different platforms can be sometimes economically unviable and time consuming. If you want to beta test your services or want to give an experience similar to an app to your users, then Web App is the perfect solution for you.

Web App is either an independen mobile app developed for a specific purpose, or just another version of your website, with the user experience and interface suitable for a Smartphone. With the increase in number of people using smartphones to access information and to buy products, it is pertinent for all to have a user friendly Smartphone interface. and web app is the cheapest and easiest solution to that.

Why choose us

  • Best in class in-house developer assets

  • Leveraging years of Web app, and Native app experience

  • Extremely user friendly applications

  • Intelligent design

  • Excellent browser optimization

  • Pixel perfect responsive coding

Advantages of a Web App

  • Web app can be easily upgraded within no time, as we don't have to create a platform based build and submit it to either i-tunes or Google store
  • Web app can function efficiently on all different platforms across multiple range of Smartphone?s, which reduces development cost and time
  • With technologies like HTML 5, and CSS 3, web app can give quality user experience
  • You can leverage the traffic which is already accessing your website through Smartphones and engage them in a better way, by automatically providing them a web app interface, when they access your website through smart phones.


Web apps are not able to use all features of the devices associated with Smartphones, like camera, etc, but with the current innovations in technology, it will be possible in the near future.

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