Company Overview

N-Tech is having exponential global expansion, providing I.T and Marketing solutions.

Working with clients from over 9 countries across Europe , America, and Australian continent, has helped us levitate our delivery capabilities to a whole new level. We offer high quality software development and marketing services, within a deadline. Our founders, leadership team, and employees, come from a diverse background having experience with international clients, giving us a deeper understanding of different cultures, work environment and communication skills N-Tech’s integrated solutions cover everything from idea conceptualization, to strategy development and implementation.


Our vision is to become world’s respected and innovative business organization, which enriches human lives.


Our mission is to have a sustainable growth, by serving our clients and employees persistently with highest morale, motivation, values and service. We ensure sustainable growth by establishing ourselves into new technologies, services, industries and innovative products.

Our Recent Highlights


We have state of the art development center in India and U.S.

Data security

Facility access through biometric systems, 24 hour surveillance along with direct personal supervision, Data theft surveillance and control software in the server and employee computers, Strict NDA and other agreements with employees, Fire walls at all levels, Control and management of third party downloads on computers, Electronic automated paper shredder for disposing documents.

Disaster Management

Four layer data backup, including back up on cloud, Fire safety, alarm and control, 3 layer drainage system to avoid flooding, Two layer Circuit Breaker and Fuse protection from lightning and high voltage surges


High speed dedicated internet access, Dual backup internet channels, Local and cloud repository, Local and cloud documentation, and knowledge base, Computers with 4 gb ram and core I3 processors, I5 processors for senior engineers, 24/7 365 days temperature control Latest versions of licensed software and support package for all technologies, Transparent sitting arrangement to improve group dynamics, High luminosity environment to enhance productivity, Comfortable chairs with hydraulic adjustments, push back facility for engineers, Water, tea, coffee and snacks at the desk


We have uncompromising ethical and legal standards
We do not do things which are legal, but not ethical. Before taking any decision, whether its small, or big, we first ask ourselves, is it ethical? if not, we simply don’t do it.
We do the right thing, because it is the right thing to do
Our decisions are based on doing the right thing, instead of taking a shortcut, or finding an easy way out. We strive to focus on long term results, and commitment, no matter how difficult is the road.
We stick to the truth, no matter what
If there is a bad news to deliver, we bluntly put it in front of our clients, instead of beating around the bush. This helps our clients in clearly understanding the situation, to make the next plan of action. If the project is delayed by any chance, we say that the project is delayed. If there is a third party application readily available, then we educate the client about it.
We believe in transparency
We have transparency in managing the projects of our clients, and in managing the careers and growth of our in-house talent. Our policies, terms, conditions, and rules are conveyed upfront, in a simplest possible way. frequent updates and communication helps us establish more transparency with our external and internal stakeholders.
Employee first
For us, words “company” and “employees” are synonymous to each other. Our employees are not just our biggest asset, but are a company in itself. N-tech is one family, and like any other family, we are always there for each other, through thick and thin, surmounting new challenges.
We try to be the change we want to see
We embrace positive change. Before expecting a change from any part of our organization, we make sure that a particular change flows from top to bottom. Before expecting something from our clients or our employees, we ensure to deliver it first.
We go extra mile to build relationships, internally and externally
We analyze our success by tracking how many successful relationships we have made, and for how long. If we have to go that extra mile to keep our clients and employees happy, then we certainly go beyond
We love what we do
N-tech is the talent pool of passionate people, doing what they love the most. We look upon ourselves as problem solvers. We love to solve problems and provide solutions through the most suitable technology possible.
We nurture entrepreneurship
We believe that each person is an entrepreneur waiting for the right opportunity and time. This is the reason why we love to work with budding startups and small businesses and why we have our own ventures. We partner with our employees and clients, to convert their dream projects and ideas into reality.
Employees work with us, not for us
We take full ownership of the projects, and so do our employees. We work as a team, striving to create value for our clients.

Global Delivery

We have flexible and seamless global delivery capabilities with our presence in multiple countries, through our front offices and professional engineer network. You can leverage “follow the sun advantage” by choosing from various engagement models, and by selecting the resources from various locations. We strive for providing seamless delivery of our services, no matter where you are located. You can optimize the efficiency and minimize the cost by determining the right onsite and offshore resources.
Our engineers follow value driven processes and are well versed with international communications and culture
Our technology infrastructure and interoperability of our various development centers and offices provides better project management and risks, with 24/7 support and supervision


We are highly motivated to help you make your business more profitable and successful. We have strong partnerships with all major industry experts, which helps us gain deep insight into our client's operations and requirement, leveraging skills of our industry experts, in-house business consultants, technical experts, project managers to deliver quality work within deadline.

In addition to this, we have dedicated project manager for each client, providing 24/7 support, and single point of contact.
On-site activities are managed by seasoned professionals, driving development and delivery with ease. Our teams are well versed with different work cultures, and are accessible anytime.

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