Social media apps

Social Media Apps

A successful social media app is backed by a concrete strategy and lot of market research.

An App on its own cannot be successful if it does not have an inbuilt virality in its roots. Technology can provide a platform so that an app can go viral, but it is people who make it viral. And this is the reason, why apps have to be more and more engaging, fun to explore, and provides incentives if people share it.

An app should be attractive and should create curiosity in order to motivate people to join and share. The next step is to build trust among people because people are naturally reluctant to share their information.

N-tech can help you collect plethora of information and data by developing engaging apps that can go viral.

Social media websites keep changing their information sharing policies and technologies, and therefore N-tech will work with you keeping long term commitment and shared responsibility.

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Facebook Social Plugins

With the new API comes several new plug­ins that you can reasonably easily drop into your site. The new plugins are:

  • Like Button

  • Activity Feed

  • Recommendations

  • Like Box

  • Login Button

  • Facepile

  • Comments

  • Live Stream


App Installs and Deep­Linking in twitter

One of the most important features in the new Cards is the ability to allow users to download your app (if the user doesn't already have it installed), or deep­link into your own app (if the app is already installed on the user's mobile device). The ability to enable app installs and deep­linking is globally available across all Twitter Card types ­ you'll just need to add a new set of markup tags as detailed below.

Share and Social Stream using LinkedIn

Network Updates Stream

The network updates stream is a rich and engaging feed of content and changes happening in

Real time in a user’s

Real time in a user’s 1st and 2nd degree network. Viral interactions and activities in the stream create additional

Greater networks

Distribution opportunities across greater networks of professionals on LinkedIn.


Email digests highlight top activity and news within a user’s network, and drive engagement back to your content.

LinkedIn offers

A high quality distribution opportunity through which our members can share content and insights to their professional network. Shared content is distributed to the following content destinations within the LinkedIn experience:

Member Profile Pages

Shared content builds influence and professional identity, through aggregations on the sharing member’s profile page.

LinkedIn Today

Top shared news and content is curated both automatically and editorially across industries and news sources that a user is following.


LinkedIn groups offer a highly focused distribution network through which like­minded professionals can interact with professionals with which they share common interests or experiences.

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