Business Intelligence Systems

Business Intelligence Systems

Data mining, Real time analysis, Decision support system and predictive analytics are what give data its value. Making use of new opportunities and implementing an effective strategy can provide a competitive market advantage and long-term stability.

Real time analysis of structured or unstructured data is the heart of future B.I systems. For developing B.I systems, we have to create enterprise wide perspective and have to treat information as an asset. B.I strategy should align with I.T strategy and enterprise goals.

Data capturing has an important role and we at N-tech analyse how and what data is generated and captured at various points in your organizational system. The need of an hours for B.I systems is to track information, sense the abnormalities beyond set limits and to flag the decision makers about events and operational discrepancies.

“less is more” should be an underlying goal of good B.I system. Instead of information overload, scope of B.I system is to provide a better data visibility co-relating to the decisions to be taken.

Service Offerings

  • Business strategy

  • Organizational metrics

  • Business process application

  • Analytic Appliications

  • Transformation Road Map

  • B.I framework

Elliminating human errors

High degree of dependency on manual inputs by human beings is likely to develop errors in the data gathering process. N-tech helps organizations in eliminating human errors by direct integration of B.I systems with the hardware devices and by maximum implementation of automation.

N-tech Business Intelligence systems help in:

Reducing operational cost, Preventing revenue leakage due to dependency on manual data input, Increase productivity and minimize downtime, Following quality protocols, Fast response to the internal and external events, Real time organizational agility.

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