Healthcare Consulting

Healthcare Consulting

N­tech healthcare consulting provides diverse services, in expanding, renovating and managing of small, medium and large size hospitals, Healthcare centers, Wellness centers, Clinics, Medical Laboratory and Diagnostic centers as a whole.

N­tech is manned by professional consultants and advisors specializing in Hospital & Healthcare Services. We help the healthcare institutions to create and sustain an efficient and trusted Healthcare delivery system by offering suitable advice and guidance across the full range of healthcare management functions and activities to enhance not only their business but to improve quality of services through 360 degree of visibility .


We have latest and modern know­how and expertise for developing healthcare activities in the area of Planning, Organization, Corporate Management, Marketing and Systems, Academics and Quality Management and Accreditation process.

Our consultative approach is supported by a highly qualified team, which consists of specialistsand experts in the field of Hospital & Healthcare Management to provide total healthcare solutions.

Our qualified individuals with skills and talents enrich our team approach, and provide a high level of customer service and consultancy. We strive to establish and streamline medical processes and continually enhance quality and impart knowledge through training, and create world class healthcare organization through our core values such as passion, commitment and utmost dedication.

Service Offerings

  • Quality Improvement & Accreditations

  • Business develpment

  • Corporate management systems

  • Academics, training and placement

Quality Improvement & Accreditations

  • NABH Accreditations for Hospitals Blood Banks, Clinics, Wellness Centers, Dental Clinics, Imaging Centers
  • NABL Accreditations for Laboratories
  • Introducing & Implementing Quality Management System in small Clinics
  • Our expert quality and accreditation services enable healthcare institutions to deliver healthcare that meets International Standards
  • We have experienced and Qualified Staff who have assisted in implementing the Quality standards and NABH Accreditation, including performing gap analysis, conducting mock quality and NABH surveys and drills, staff training and implementing improvements.
  • hase­wise implementation plan that ensures successful project completion.
  • We work closely with the management with regular consultation, follow­up, updates and meetings to monitor the progress of Accreditation.
  • Our Core Strength – Implementation: We ensure that quality standards are set and parameters listed are implemented on the ground.
  • Quality beyond Accreditation: We continuously monitor quality processes after accreditation in addition to ensuring implementation of standards in new facilities or services which our client initiates after the accreditation process.

Business Development

We offer guidance and advisory support for the business development / marketing / promotional activities related to the organization. The support will include enhancing business development activities not only among different cities but also spreading across the globe. e globe.

  • Corporate Clients Empanelment. 
  • Empanelment with the Third Party Administrators.
  • Alliances with all the major the International Insurance Companies.
  • Referral Marketing and Networking.
  • Developing the PR activities.
  • Organizing Camps & CMEs.
  • Data Management & MIS Reports.
  • Business Monitoring Systems and process.
  • Development of Website & Internet Marketing.
  • Hospital Software Development.
  • Web Hosting.

Corporate Management Systems

Strategic Planning

We form strategies for sound organizational subsistence that will give an impetus to corporate growth and development, keeping pace with rapid evolution of the healthcare industry.

Departmental Benchmarking and Operations Improvement Services

Assessment of operations and systems of departments and interdepartmental relationships and recommend steps for improvement of existing operations and systems to augment productivity.

Human Resource Management & Administration

We analyze the proposals and recommend human resource requirements in medical and paramedical areas,keeping in mind the organizational structure. Assistance is provided in the areas of selection, recruitment,administration, compensation, organization of specific medical staff consultants, paramedical staff and executives. The planning and administration involves manpower planning considering aspects of shifts, productivity, positioning,multi­task, multi­skill, Employee grievance redressal, Employee Attrition level, Employee benefit plans and number of persons etc.

Operations Restructuring, Reengineering with Work redesign

Operating Systems is a key element in management efficiency, quality, and control. We establish important indicators and advise on development of systems to simplify quick flow of information, improving efficiency, and control. Further we provide guidance on design of forms and its procedures, departmental manuals, quality manuals, and effect implementation of these for efficient circulation and control. Design new systems and processes to achieve fundamental change for redirecting resources.

Medical Staff Development

We act as catalyst and analyze the medical staff needs with sound perception and find practical solutions through consensus building to complex medical and administrative issues, and also recommend systems for long term medical staff development.

Organizational Restructuring

Assist to redefine organization on the basis of: roles and responsibilities, span of control, management, and employee ratios. We develop tailor made organizational structure considering specific aspects of an individual organization.

Departmental Benchmarking and Operations Improvement Services

Assessment of operations and systems of departments and interdepartmental relationships and recommend steps for improvement of existing operations and systems to augment productivity.

Turnkey Contract

To provide comprehensive planning/management support for project and administrative issues to create an efficient organization on turnkey basis. Quality Improvement through innovation leading to

  • Improved Patient Care.

  • Reduced Costs.

  • Judicious Inventory Levels.

  • Employee Development.

  • Improved Infection Control Standards.

  • Reduced Mortality & Morbidity.

  • Better System Checks.

  • Management Control.

  • Expansion & Profitability.

Academics, Training & Placement

To study factors influencing dissatisfaction and need to overcome these variables for the top­level management. Arrange for placement of these positions through our network with matching value congruence while overcoming the structural and social psychological barriers.

Placement Services
  • Training of Students (Fresh Management Grads).
  • Organizational Training for employees (In­house & Outsourced).
  • Tie up with reputed Teaching Institutions.
  • Soft Skill development.
  • CME Planning.
  • Training of Employees in various small hospitals, Nursing Homes, Clinics, Wellness Centers.
We also offer our services in the specific areas for the project implementation which could classify as:­
  • To develop rate setting & tariffs of hospital services to the patients and professional services including 
  • diagnostic and surgical procedures by the medical consultants.
  • Departmental Policies formulation and Manual development including standard operating procedures
  • (SOP) defining the departmental structure, job responsibilities, functions, interdepartmental relationships.
  • Marketing of hospital services: ­ Strategies & Packages etc.
We offer independent and objective advisory services by qualified and experienced persons in the nature of:­
  • Recommendations and Solutions.
  • Suggested actions.
  • Assistance in implementation and formulation of documents.
  • Co­ordination. 
  • Advisory support for the overall Quality Accreditation Process. 
  • Documentation of all required policies and procedures.
  • Guidelines and tools for implementation of policies and procedures.
  • Guidelines for training programs.
  • Mock assessment prior to Accreditations Pre assessments & Final Assessments.
  • Guideline for Statutory Requirements.
  • Assistance for Quality Structure and Committee Functions. 
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