Small Business Cloud Solutions

Harness power of I.T to gain competitive advantage. Being a small business, or a start up, you need to focus on what you do the best.

Stay ahead of the game.

Harness power of I.T to gain competitive advantage. Being a small business, or a start up, you need to focus on what you do the best. Playing on today’s competitive landscape, you need I.T systems and solutions, which can be up and running within no time. Reliability is the key, as you cannot afford to spend your precious human hours behind struggling with I.T knitty gritty. Time to Market is the new mantra, which decides fate of your organization or an idea.

Our end to end solutions for small businesses ensure that it fulfills your smallest possible needs, and equips you with the technology that plays to your advantage. While taking a futuristic approach, we deliver solutions, which are smart, reasonably priced, and scalable for future expansions.

You and your organization does not have to be great with technology to understand and use our end to end solutions, as we believe in simplifying technology for our customers.


  • 04 - 2017Responsive multiplatform compatibility (Smartphone, Desktop, Tablets)

    All our systems are responsive, and will restructure itself to give an extremely user friendly interface while accessing it through smartphone, tablet or desktop. Our responsive websites, and admin panels, have saved our clients lot of money, which they intended to spend behind developing native apps for their customers.
  • 04 - 2017Content Management System

    Your website will be completely dynamic, with full content management system. This means, you can upload, logo, images, customized banners and content for every single page of your website, on your own, from your admin panel dashboard, in minutes!
  • 04 - 2017Dynamic feedback, contact us and other forms

    All forms of your website are dynamic. This means, you can now store this data into your admin panel, can access it, manage it, filter it, and use it for your marketing, lead generation, and customer support in real time.
  • 04 - 2017Human Resource (H.R) management

    Recruitment management You can edit, delete and add new job openings, can collect the resumes and data of potential candidates, Payroll management You can have easy to use payroll management system. Just set up the deductions you want to have, attendance,
  • 04 - 2017Customer Relationship and Leads Management (C.R.M)

    Easily manage email campaigns, sales follow-up, customer interaction lookup including emails, scheduled meetings, and phone call updates. You can also create and manage various lists, run queries on database, filter database, create customized email campaigns, manage bookings and appointments, and client responses.
  • 04 - 2017E-commerce management

    You will get comprehensive e-commerce web portal with features like: Product and pricing updation, Content Management System, Catalog Management, Keyword Search and Advanced Search, Multiple Payment Gateway Integration
  • 04 - 2017Appointment Management

    Cloud based appointment management system will reduce your paperwork and staffing needs. Your customers can check your availability, make a payment and can book appointments with you. Interactive calendar with notification capabilities will be on your website and can be accessed through desktop, laptop, smartphones, tablets and other devices.
  • 04 - 2017Online chat and support management

    Give a human touch to your sales and marketing endeavors, by providing a live chat to your website visitors. Whether you manage e-commerce or your professional website, you and your marketing team will always be in touch with the potential customers. You can chat with your website visitors from anywhere, through any device,
  • 04 - 2017Web content, news and resources management using web scraper

    Top challenge for the small businesses is content creation. Small businesses don’t have onsite dedicated content creator, and it is a difficult task for the business owners to shift their attention to content creation, instead of doing core business functions.We can still portray you as an industry authority by automatically generating industry
  • 04 - 2017Customer grievances, and complaints management using ticketing system

    Small businesses cannot afford to lose even a single customer, and have to be careful in handling customer complaints. Even few customers can put you haywire, if you do not have proper process in handling customer complaints and support. You will get a comprehensive ticketing system,
  • 04 - 2017Social bookmarking and social network integration management

    Whole purpose of your presence on the internet, is to be in front of your potential customers, and to interact with your potential market. You can leverage the power of social media by using readily available social bookmarking tools, social network plugins and API, and integration of your website content with your social network pages and profiles.
  • 04 - 2017Search Engine Optimization (Dynamic onpage optimization)

    We have made the art and science of SEO very simple for small businesses. You don’t need a programmer every time, for inserting meta tags, title, description, or re writing your web page URL. You have an easy to use admin dashboard from where you can manage all of these.
  • 04 - 2017Website hosting and server management

    Our end to end solution also provides you with web hosting, web management and maintenance, server management, website deployment and maintenance, server load balancing, server upgradation and much more.
  • 04 - 2017Website intelligence management

    Your package includes integrated google analytics and reports, through which you will be able to track your website’s visits, number of visitors, how they interact with your website, from which sources you get visitors, how many leads visiting your website ended up purchasing something, or doing something you desired, and much more.
  • 04 - 2017Disaster recovery and continuity management

    Building disaster recovery and continuity management plan is an important part of long term strategy to maintain continuous business operations. Disaster recovery and continuity management plan includes 3 things:- 1) Preventive | 2) Detective | 3) Corrective
  • 04 - 2017Multiple language content management

    If your business is targeting market outside your local country also, multiple language website is a necessity. Google translator is not accurate and sometimes works really bad in translating your website content. As a result, your business can suffer, and you may end up loosing lot of potential business.
  • 04 - 2017File sharing management through Dropbox Api Integration

    You admin panel includes roles and rights management, large file upload and sharing, file roles and rights, comments, history, sharing notifications, etc. You can also use these features with integrated Dropbox Api.

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We provide end to end I.T solution, so no more headache of dealing with website developers,system developers, project managers, website hosting service providers separately. We will manage the entire thing for you, and will make your system up and running within no time.
You can leverage the combined knowledge of other small businesses and their operation efficiency, through the continuous feature enhancements we make as per the requirements and demand

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