Start ups

We convert business ideas and implement them as a minimum viable product

Our exclusive development methodology “Rapid-M” is a combination of Agile and Waterfall approach, which has helped our clients in substantially decreasing time to market, and to beta launch the product

They are the ones who fly high, think different

End to End solution for Start ups

We have a proven track record with start-ups and spin-off businesses in all major industries.

Benefits of working with us

  • Low cost I.T operations
  • Agility in development and product delivery
  • You can focus on your core business, leaving I.T management to us
  • We will be your strategic partner, working towards the same goal (your success)
  • Reliable and flexible solutions with integrated scalability
  • We know the bottlenecks that come during the process (while converting ideas and plans on paper into reality)

We have a unique approach to engage with startups

Road to MVP (Minimum Viable product) can be a bumpy ride

Road to MVP (Minimum Viable product) can be a bumpy ride, if your product vision is not clear. Many startups go for agile development as it gives them a flexibility to make iterations. After a series of iterations and long billing hours, the startups realize that going for agile development and hiring dedicated programmers is not the suitable solution for them after all.

Being a startup you have a little room to experiment

Being a startup you have a little room to experiment with your product conceptualization, and very little cash to burn. That is why we offer a low cost fixed price engagement model, wherein you have complete control of your budget and can expect an outcome for the committed price. You no longer have to worry about increasing budget and constant burning of cash till you have a Minimum Viable Product on hand.

Our exclusive methodology “RAPID-M”

Our exclusive methodology “RAPID-M” (Responsive Agile Processes in Design and Mockups) gives you a flexibility to perform as many iterations you want during wireframe, design and behavioral mock up phase. This gives you a tangible product in front of your eyes and you can have a clear vision of how your product is going to look like and how it is going to behave.

Addressing minute issues and changes at this stage costs you almost nothing. Once you have a behavioral mockup approved, you can expect the final delivery within a very shot period of time.

How to select a right outsourcing company for you?

Having an in-house I.T team doesn’t automatically provide success to your project, while offshoring your work does not necessarily lead to failure (check out the success stories with startup development outsourcing of Skype and Whatsapp)

How to Outsource Startup Development and Get Off the Ground? Introduction to Flat Rate Model


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