Testimonial Slider Pro

Wordpress Plugin Features

The plugin is compatible with responsive design, This is made for all wordpress blogs and websites, Easily display testimonials for your blog, product or service, Automatically rotate testimonials in your side, barIn your admin panel it creates a list of testimonials page, Manage easily: Add/edit multiple testimonials, You can enter the Name, Website and Website URL as well as the full testimonial.

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Additional features for paid version

  • Video testimonials
  • Change styles for testimonials
  • Change colors and styles for testimonials slider
  • Can set the number of testimonials to be created and manage
  • Ready available widget
  • Shortcode ready
  • Testimonial listing page - This option will list all testimonials in one page


  • Its simple, intuitive and flexible
  • Paid version of our testimonial plug-in cost just $18 and its realization can be well over 1000 times over the cost
  • Easy to manage content
  • Can apply multiple styles that suits or matches your existing website
  • Available widget to make your site look attractive and also use same
  • widget on multiple pages to make your testimonials prominent
  • New age video testimonial for your website

Why you should use paid version of our testimonial plugin

Over that, we provide you complete support for this plugin in case you have issues and we report within 48 hours back to you. Also, we are continuously upgrading the plugin and the features for which we will not cost any extra penny to you.

We believe in providing high quality and thus we have very less bug reported and more suggestions from client who have used it. And to date, we have implemented those all feedbacks and suggestions. It also helps your site show your credibility

You can achieve all this and make your own site effective using our testimonial plugin which also provides option of video testimonials. Yes, you can now show your customer's video testimonials as well. The days for showing textual testimonials are now overshadowed by this impressive and stunning video testimonial.

There are many testimonials in market, some of which are free and some paid. Our testimonial slider has remarkable features with new age graphics and styles.
We have more features and more unique abilities in our testimonial plug-in then any of such other plug-ins available in market place.
Our testimonial can suit and match any website design and come with different style options to choose from, with that we also provide different sliding and display options as well. This makes your testimonials prominent, highlighted and trendy.
Many of sites either ignore or don't believe in testimonials, but research says that effectively used testimonials can drag more business and customers to your site and make them stay for longer period on the site.

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Finally, if you're still not using testimonials or changing your old styled testimonials, you're definitely missing out on one of the most powerful and cost effective marketing tools available to you.

We guarantee you money back if you are not satisfied with our testimonial plugin.