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April 8, 2017
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April 8, 2017

Loyalty Application with POS

Mai Linh Limited Liability Company was founded 5 years back.

Our client is a start-up and had came with idea to develop a robust loyalty program which will have POS (point of sales) integrated and provide real time data to their customers.

Loyalty programs are not new and they had been discovered, rather invented during 19th century only. Slowly it evolved and it was widely accepted and a successful tool to engage customers and increase the loyalty. Today in the age smart-phone, loyalty program has transitioned vastly online and it is gaining success more than it did before.

The project mainly has 3 parts viz;

  • Customer mobile application for loyalty program
  • Merchant POS System
  • Admin account for system control and reporting

The Challenge

We didn’t had much challenge in understanding project of this level as we already had worked on quite a few POS based loyalty program and we just had to take those as reference and replicate, recreate as per our client’s needs. The major challenge we faced was in terms of drafting requirement, gathering requirements.

Being a start-up company, our client didn’t have much idea and was vastly dependent on us for requirement fixation. Rather than avoiding considering various ambiguity related to the project, we instead took the things positively and act as a consultant to our client.

Client had many ideas but they were not been able to get visible insights or documented. Any software project requires clear idea on the flow of project and its scope. Thus defining the scope was major challenge during this project rather than technical challenges.


First thing we did was to educate our client on how the POS system and loyalty program works.
First thing we did was to educate our client on how the POS system and loyalty program works.
To pinch down the requirements, we had used our earlier experiences on similar projects, shared with our client, and shared various inputs, which helped our client even in defining the business and revenue model for the client.
But this entire effort making had a limited advantage and it can’t help decide that in future the project would go smoothly without taking any rough ride. There were still many things to define to make the project go smooth.

1 Thus we had implemented our own SDLC Methodology (software development life cycle) named RAPID – M to plan, execute, control the project requirements, flow and its development.

2 Thus with implementation of RAPID – M, the bumpy journey took a smoother course for development of the project.

3 RAPID – M is a combination of Agile and Waterfall methodology. It means Responsive Agile Processes in Documentation and Mock-ups.


  • Implementing RAPID – M
  • Continuous client engagement
  • Preparation of quality technical documents like SRS, Wireframes, activity flow charts and behavioral mock-ups
  • Consultation to client on project from business and technical perspective
  • Deployment of senior developers for better quality

Features of Loyalty Program

This application has loyalty programs that are unique in a way that it covers all aspects of traditional loyalty program with all modern aspects.

The features listed below will give you idea about the kind of project scope and depth this system has

User Loyalty Program Mobile Application

Search for loyalty programs of various kinds
  • BOGO (Buy One Get One Free)
  • Loyalty Points
  • Discount Cards and Rewards
  • Special Offers


Avail benefits online
  • Users can avail for loyalty program; join them using just one application. They will get automatic rewards and benefits using the application.
ID Cards

The application allows user to store various ID cards as listed:

  • Personal ID card
  • Company ID card
  • ICE Card (In Case of Emergency)


Store physical loyalty programs
  • Users already having physical loyalty cards can save their cards to our application
  • Now users don’t have to carry there number of physical traditional cards with them

Search Restaurants, Order Online

  • Users can search for various restaurants using GPS and advance search features
  • Order online via application
  • Order for take away, home delivery or just being at same restaurant physically
  • User can even call for a waiter, call for bill using the application
  • Get instant rewards and points on order

POS for Merchants/Vendors

  • Easy to create and manage multiple restaurant and users
  • Easy menu and item creation
  • Easy order management with restaurant table management
  • Take order from tables in real time and via POS
  • Create variety of loyalty programs and special offers for customers
  • Robust reporting tool

All this features are just start to the project based on our RAPID – M model. While we are still in phase1 of this project, with our client we have already been engaged in drafting the phase 2 requirements and add on features for the customers.

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