Micro Compiler
April 8, 2017

South East Asia’s Event App

The client wanted an event app to be developed by us which shows all the information related to the events from his website. The main purpose of the client was that using the app the users can easily view the list of events, all the details related to event, sort the events as per the category, date etc and search the events.

The Challenge

As such there was no challenge during the development of the application except the time limit.


iOS app using SWIFT


Detail information of events showing

  • Event title
  • Featured image for event
  • Event Date and Time
  • Description
  • Event info
    • website
    • facebook
    • contact
    • fee

The user can sort the events by stat, date, category, fee…etc
The user can search for events.


User can easily view the events and its detail

Sort Events

“ Done work on time with efficient manner ”