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April 3, 2017
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April 3, 2017

World Web Graphics sucessfuly launches its Geo Tracking and Geo Fencing application

World Web Graphics sucessfuly launches its Geo Tracking and Geo Fencing application

WWG is a creative agency with a decade of experience. WWG always puts all their passion for the world of communication and new technologies. The realization of each product, in a sector where innovation and new ideas are continuous, it is a challenge to deepen their knowledge and grow with the customer. WWG can quickly redesign the identity of a company offering complete packages to be able to provide a fresh and appealing solutions



WWG wanted N-tech to developed native mobile application (Android, iOS & Windows8) for geolocation based tracking system. Client wanted to use new technologies for better output. In native mobile application we had to implement Geo location and Geo fencing technologies for proper and better result of geolocation, user can set multiple objects’ profiles and tracks the same with different parameters. We have to implement three modes in application “Map Mode”, “Geo-fence Mode” and “Proximity Mode”. There are many applications in the market with same functionality but none of them deliver proper results and does not have user friendly interface. We had to implement latest technologies and user-friendly interface on app, to get proper and better results.


We developed native mobile application (Android, iOS & Windows8) for the geo-location based objective tracking.

The app allows the registered users to track and manage one or more trackers or Kippy (objective) profiles that have given their consent to the location, mode directional, instead a further localization tool providing a digital compass that points toward the Kippy (objective) track. Users can also manage the geo-fence to be associated with specific ID Kippy and know the details of their Subscription and profile.

Users can track objectives using below given three modes:

N-tech implemented following given features:

Tracking tracker Kippy (Objective), Kippy (Objective) tracking ID, Mode " Proximity ", Setup and activation of Geofence Directions path, Customization of the details , relating to Kippy Activation / Adding Kippy (Objective) Shutdown of connected Kippy (Objective), Sending request tracking a user's Kippy mobile, push notifications, Protection with PIN, Mode hybrid map / standard / Satellite, Guide to use interactive, Offline mode with in-app -purchase extra *, Recognition of the status of Kippy, Objective), Viewing data profile

Our developers & business consultant team have closely worked with the client to understand their requirement, our developer and business consultants have done R&D on project requirements, this helped us to provide suggestions & ideas to client and finally we have delivered best solution to our client.


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