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April 8, 2017
FIARRO CMS Website, for alleviate poverty with operations in South-East Asia region and Cambodia.
April 8, 2017

News Crawler Script Using PHP

News Crawler Script Using PHP

Nguiden is a leader in the best hotel rates, product tests in nutrition and practical advice in health, contemporary culture, active lifestyle, and travel inspiration. Nguiden serves Guide for nutrition, hotel and entertainment.


Nguiden website required the script to fetch the number of categories information from the rotten tomatoes website and place in the client website. Nguiden wanted N-Tech to develop the script for automatically updating the categories data from another website.


We have delivered the script which run a cron job for posting the blog on WordPress. The script has been developed on PHP platform and it runs parallel with the website. We have developed cron job that fetch the data from the "Rotten Tomatoes" site and pool the data in WordPress database. After that new data is inserted in WordPress admin.

There are two cases in the Project:
  1. First case is to integrate the script into the client WordPress website with help of API and embedment such as change, posting and blogging.
  2. Second case is to integrate json format files into word press website.
    1. We have created a PHP Script with use of rotten tomatoes API through which synchronization is made with wordpress blog. The synchronization of application into the wordpress websites are the rotten tomatoes application cast information, upcoming Movies, Movies information, Movie Clips, Movies similar, Movies search and many more.

      The script which we have developed is dynamic, adaptable and is the stand alone from existing website. Moreover, the rotten tomatoes API allows for multiple Languages like English, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian. Admin can stop cron job anytime and can edit categories.

Business Benefits

As the new system is automatic and manages content on its own, the client is able to reduce errors in content management.
The system saves substantial amount of time and money, as it automatically pulls the data from the Rotten Tomatoes website and inserts it on the client’s website.