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April 8, 2017
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April 8, 2017

Coinluck – Share your luck

Coinluck is a start-up company started by our client with whom we had a glorious journey. The client is based at South Korea who came up with idea of creating an e-commerce market place for investors and buyers. Client was a developer as well and wanted to have the project build in Python Django and also wanted our developer to guide him on same as he was new to Django. We took up this challenge more as a helping hand to our client to establish a viable business.



1 We had to deliver our best and only best. We didn’t have chance for slightest mistake in the project. The project dealt with very crucial data, data relationships and finance factors. So each requirement had to be fully understood, logics to be placed after careful thoughts, do regular scrum meetings and every minor SDLC step with detailing.

2 We had thus gone for an indigenously developed process by NTech Technology known as Rapid-M with dedicated resource allocated for client. Our resources are very well versed and capable of managing, helping out our client and good in communication. We also had our project manager involved in this project who with help of client and developer, try to define the business logics, forms, provided solution when client was in dilemma for optimum profitability out of project for our client.

3 We had to implement features like credit sharing, calculating EMI, friends list from Facebook Graph API, Chatting, Robust financial statistics and chart, Financial Analysis etc.

4 Thus we were able to proceed with project successfully and with our hard work decided fruitful results from the pot-luck.


Initially we came across a major road block with Facebook deprecating their API v1.0 which disallowed our chances to use user’s friend’s data. But we were proactive and we had implemented the social accounts bundle in Django that allowed our client to integrate SNS features from over 30+ renowned social networks like Linkedin, Twitter etc.

N-tech implemented below given features

  • Facebook Sign-In and Sign-Up
  • Facebook Graph API
  • Social Accounts of Django for implementing 30+ social accounts
  • Degree of Friends
  • Credit Sharing via SNS
  • Credit Rating of User
  • Chat
  • Events
  • Newsfeed
  • Calculate EMI
  • Process Loan
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Cashflow schedule and status
  • Custom Coinluck Credit-Ratings for users
User profile
  • Borrower
  • Investor
  • Auto Investments
  • Suggestions for Investments
Loan Application
o Loan Approval process
  • Online verification (Email, Facebook account)
  • SMS, mobile verification
  • Password and other document verification
  • Bank account verification


I've found N-Tech Technologies team very professional and focused on our requirements. I really appreciated their work and their kindness. We'll work with them again in the future.