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Business Directory, E-commerce, podcasts, webcasts, and Professional Networking Web portal for U.S based leading talent Management Company.

Business Directory, E-commerce, podcasts, webcasts, and Professional Networking Web portal for U.S based leading talent Management Company.

Commanding View is a leading talent management company located at Florida, United States. It connects speakers, consultants, coaches, trainers, event planners with various big size organizations, entrepreneurs, small businesses and executives.

Commanding View has been successfully managing business talent for decades and have won many accolades at state level.

Business Situation

Due to rapid expansion of the company, the client was unable to handle the required demand of supplying talented business resource, and the whole process from initial interaction to hiring the client took almost 30 days. This involved 90% manual processes like mailing the hard copy to the potential clients, describing the profile of a particular coach, speaker or consultant. The tedious manual processes involved not only consumed time, but were getting costly for the client.

Initial Engagement

N-Tech Technologies worked closely with the client in understanding the problems and challenges, along with Industry dynamics. After comprehensive market research and competitor analysis, N-Tech suggested possible solutions to the client. While doing market research N-Tech Technologies discovered that there is no ideal platform for speakers, trainers, coaches and event planners, where they can show case their profile, their videos, and other promotional material which can help them attract more clients. N-Tech prepared a business plan and also provided technology consulting to the client.


Most of the speakers, trainers, and other consultants are baby boomers, and therefore we had to develop very user friendly web portal having easy and simple registration process and profile creation.
The profile section of experts included more than 30 different documents, along with audios and videos, and therefore the profile creation was to be divided into various phases.
Client wanted to connect the business directory web portal with a comprehensive E-commerce store, where all experts can sell their e-books, e-article, e-audio, e-videos and event tickets.
Client wanted to provide a preview feature to its customers, so that customers can watch previews of audio, video, articles etc before buying the product.


As N-Tech Techcologies had worked on the marketing and business strategy with the client , it was easy for N-Tech to conceptualize the idea of the new web portal. N-Tech developed a web portal, which allowed five different category of experts to register and sign up. Profile pages of each category were customized and included only those fields which were relevant to that particular category.

Features developed by N-Tech

N-Tech Technologies also created world’s first ever cross marketing e-mail platform, where business experts were able to upload their database, and the experts were promoted to each others database (Non competitive) through email campaigns.

  • Business Directory
  • E-commerce to sell audios, videos, articles etc
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Calendar Management for each business expert
  • Audio/Video Gallery with real time streaming
  • More than 15 customized sections to create comprehensive profile
  • Customized automatic e-mail management system. (When a business expert uploads a new article or blog, his/her database gets a customized html email, generated and fired automatically to the database)
  • Recurring payment system using Paypal, enabling client to charge monthly membership fees to the business experts


Business experts like speakers, coaches, event planners, trainers, and consultants were able to develop a comprehensive profile, instead of spending thousands of dollars in creating their own website.
The client developed a completely new stream of revenue. Initially the client generated revenue when an expert was hired through the client, but now the client is also getting monthly membership revenue from business experts, and commissions on the sale of products sold through the e-commerce store.
The LinktoExpert.com users not only get a customized website like profile page, but also can use the ecommerce section to sell their audios, videos, articles etc.
The turnaround time for business executives to hire a business expert, decreased by 70%
I have had the pleasure of working with N-tech technologies since 2006. Together we created, designed and developed the www.LinktoEXPERT.com leading edge web portal over 10 months. We created an interactive publicity platform for Experts to showcase their solutions.

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