Rx Care Pharmacy Website, Using ASP.NET 4.0 Framework
April 5, 2017
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April 5, 2017

Rx Care Pharmacy Website, Using ASP.NET 4.0 Framework

Rx Care Pharmacy is a flourishing pharmaceutical company that has over 22 locations throughout Florida, Michigan, Virginia, North Carolina and Louisiana. Clients are a highly developed healthcare pharmacy that specializes in caring for you and your loved ones.


Rx Care was running their paper-based warehouse, in which manual logs were kept noting the location and movement of pharmacy companies throughout the facility. When it came time to provide reports for the leading management panel, the reports were built manually on an excel spreadsheet – a laborious and potentially error prone process.


Rx Care had recently undergone a renovation and wanted a new website to reflect that bloom. We snapped a number of on-location photos and made an introductory video to show on the website. The site itself functions on newer browsers and retains the same look and feel on older browsers. We made a mobile site to service visitors from mobile phones. With our Extended Services, Rx Care enjoys regularly updates to the website, having us change content and add photos. We have created dynamic web portal for United States for fast expanding pharmacy chain.

Other than these based on requirements there are very imaginative design ideas so long as things are kept simple and modern with clean lines and energy.

  • Dynamic Responsive website

  • Fluid, touch-friendly design

  • Content Management

  • Images & Video Management

Functionality we supplementary to have profound presence
  • Invite a Friend via Email Address
  • Nearest pharmacy company details can fetch by inputting zip code
  • Rx Care App is integrated on site from where any user can download the app by receiving code.
  • Refill order form is to be used for refills only. All orders entered here will be transferred to an on-site pharmacist and will be filled as soon as possible.
  • New User can easily register by registration form for closet connectivity with other pharmacy companies.
  • Survey forms are used to ask for people's opinions in different subjects, a company uses surveys to improve their services and products. Survey forms can also be used for projects.mprove their services and products. Survey forms can also be used for projects.


With N-Tech Technologies, client has come across with many benefits in their processes. Some key benefits that client realized include:

I would really recommend this company.I choose this company as they were competitive in a number of areas and their work is very impressive.

Rx Care