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April 8, 2017
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April 8, 2017

CALO-3 Bluetooth Device Native Mobile application

CALO-3 Bluetooth Device Native Mobile application

Digital Data System is the proud designer and manufacturer of Cal2k Bomb Calorimeter Systems and perfect Power Automotive Systems. Digital Data System (Pty) Lts (dds) was established in 1972 by Klaus Ludwing. The original aim of establishing the company was to solve industrial and scientific problem using digital techniques. Originally, dds specialized in sophisticated, data capturing equipment and scientific instruments. It has since expanded its actives to include: automotive performance product.

The scientific department has teamed up with certain distributors who concentrate in the mining sector and other sectors who utilise scientific equipment in laboratories such as the CAL2K Bomb Calorimeter Systems.

Digital Data Systems owns its own 4 x 4 Dyno Facility that is used for testing, research and development, as well as local installations for the Perfect Power Automation Performance products.

dds products are exported worldwide and dds enjoys long-term business relationships with our dealers and we strive to provide the best products and service in a professional manner.


Digital Data Systems wanted N-tech technologies to develop native mobile application for CAL2k Bomb Calorimeter Systems for the data analysis.As Digital Data System company policy is to provide the customer with what he wants, when it and for the best possible technology. To achieve its policy, the company ensures the latest and efficient technology to be used for the data analysis.


In existing system the calorimeters can operate as either a standalone unit or via a PC but it does not provide the mobility solution, and company wanted to provide a mobility solution so that customer can analysis the data from anywhere (within the Bluetooth connectivity).

CAL3K bomb calorimeter systems:

The CAL3K bomb calorimeter systems are the most advanced fully automatic "dry" static jacket isothermal bomb calorimeter systems available today. A quality product which produces accurate results.

The calorimeters can operate as either a standalone unit or via a PC. The cooler reduces the temperature of a fired vessel by having its hot junction of the peltier elements cooled down by a continuous trickle of mains water supply. The filling station fills the vessel with oxygen at 3000 KPa (3MPa) at a controlled pace, so as not to disturb the sample inside the crucible. The vessel is the heart of the calorimeter system. It has an isothermal design with a microprocessor in its base. The vessel also has a number of temperature sensors within its cylindrical walls, ensuring absolute accuracy.

The CAL3K bomb calorimeters with their easy maintenance and compact size are a must for any calorimeter application.


We have developed native mobile application (Android & iOS) for the CAL2K bomb calorimeter’s data analysis.

We have developed the iOS & Android application that need to communicate via Bluetooth to CAL3k instrument. The Bluetooth provide a standard 115.2K Baud Rs232 communication. Basically all visual data will be delivered to the application from the instrument via BT when asked by the application in ASCII.

Two sample applications were provided to assist with the BT connection (ExternalAccessory) and communication handling. We also provided a physical BT communication device with a MS Windows emulation program so that the communication can be successfully tested and simulated. The MS Windows machine require a RS232 port for command simulation.We have integrated the Bluetooth device with mobile application as Bluetooth device is the bridge between instrument and the mobile application and all the statistical information come from the instrument via (Bluetooth connection). The statistical information, such as “Machine OK”,will have a big green tick for “good” or a big red cross for “bad”.

We have to send command to instrument via Bluetooth device and the application received the data as per fired command.

We have divided application into various sections for the analysis purpose:

Result Section:

This screen shows the last 16 results of the instrument. The results displayed in a summery list. At the end of the list, there is button, which loads the next 16 results and so on.

Live Temperature Screen

This section shows the real time temperature in 6-second intervals. The temperature reading have 6 decimal places. All the data will come from the instrument. Once the temperature command is issued, the temperature will be streamed to the app at 6-second intervals. The other two fields will be Drift and Stability, which should also be graphed. We have given the graph reports for this section that helps user to a real time scenario of the temperature.

Events Screen

This section shows the events log from the instrument. There are another four screens to drill down to the required data. The process of getting to the data is quick and easy. With-in the event data, there are two types of data sources, namely “Operational Events” and “Service Events”. The user can change at each step his data source if he so wishes, resulting in the displayed data changing.


Client was able to retrieve the information (data) from calorimeter, anywhere within the Bluetooth range. This gave full mobility to the client.
The real time temperature graph gave comparative visibility to the client
The client and other users can easily download the app in any device to start receiving calorimeter information.
App ensures accurate results with each determination
My experience was amazing :) These guys are great, professional and extremely fast. Bluetooth communication was easy for them. They have gone our of there way to make the journey memorable.

Digital Data Systems Pty Ltd