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FIARRO CMS Website, for alleviate poverty with operations in South-East Asia region and Cambodia.

FIARRO CMS Website, for alleviate poverty with operations in South-East Asia region and Cambodia.

Fiarro is a social enterprise dedicated to alleviating poverty. Its current area of operations is in the South-East Asia region and Cambodia in particular. The causes and symptoms of poverty are complex however at the root of all poverty is a lack of income. Client believe that by creating new and more stable job opportunities and income streams for those living in poverty they can help them to build a better life for themselves and their families. Fiarro is currently working closely with a range of organizations and charities in Siem Reap Cambodia to launch our first initiative, Talk2Me, a learning platform which also allows students and schools to earn money by completing transcription and translation tasks.


The client wanted to create a system involving a website, to provide Social Enterprise focused on building job and educational programs for people living in poverty in South East Asia. Clients are particularly focused on Cambodia at the moment.

Client requirements for their website are quite simple at the moment but he want something that will scale and grow as they do and can handle more complex tasks in the future which is why we suggested them to built using Web2Py framework of Python.


To be having very close online attendance we have also deliver mobile friendly website to mobile devices like iPhone, iPad and Android. Deliver alternative, content for mobile devices where necessary to give your visitors an optimal experience.

Other than these based on requirements there are very imaginative design ideas so long as things are kept simple and modern with clean lines and energy.

  • Single page website

  • Responsive Website

  • Fluid, touch-friendly design

  • Optimized for sponsorship

  • Blog Feature

  • Content Management

  • Deal with density of Images


With N-Tech Technologies, client has come across with many benefits in their processes. Some key benefits that client realized include:

  • Increase in their productivity by giving them Live Presence
  • Investors and Other NGOs (Social Projects) are flexible in becoming accustomed to local conditions and responding to the local needs. For that reason, they can experiment freely with new approaches and take risks if necessary. They can develop integrated projects to help the local people
  • Client are able to penetrate all corners of the community to find out what kind of problems people face and what they can do to make things better.
  • Increasing client reach to tablet and mobile audiences
  • Add Value and Satisfaction
  • Improve Credibility
  • Growth Opportunity