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April 4, 2017
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GPS Mapping Python Script & Viewpoint

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Listo wanted N-Tech to create Python script to get a current position of vehicle using gps receiver and draw a viewport to display the vehicle position.Listo wanted a software platform for the farmers that can help farmer to track the activity and location during the seed process and software can guide the actual line for seeding process.


We have developed the Python script and viewport for the farming application. In this application location information is collected by GPS receivers for mapping field boundaries, the accuracy of GPS allows farmers to create farm maps with precise acreage for field areas.

Once GPS device will be connected with farmer’s vehicle (tractor), our script gets the actual location information from connected GPS device. When farmer starts the tractor and the application, script will get “start” location of the tractor. After tractor has moved X meters, and farmer reaches the end location then farmer will press the end button in viewport (application). Now the script will draw a straight line (start to end location). Based on the start and end straight line our script calculates other parallel lines. These new viewport coordinates have to be calculated from the actual Coordinates (Start to end location).

Every time when user starts tractor & application, script needs to record the real GPS Coordinates to create a KML file to overlay onto Google maps. Every time the tractor moves, the script records the real GPS coordinates and creates a Viewport coordinated for the web interface in real time.


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