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Omnipon web portal with customized API using Python, Django framework

Omnipon web portal with customized API using Python, Django framework

Omnipon is a unique solution that works on creating a network of retail brands and service providers. The core binder of this network is a coupon. A coupon is an entity which entitles a customer to buy at a discount that is not available without the coupon. Omnipon generates e-coupons that can be sent via an email or an SMS. Over 100 top retail brands offer coupons through Omnipon Top telecom operators, service providers; recharge websites, ecommerce portals and more publish coupons from Omnipon. These publishers reach over 10 million users every day. The core team at Omnipon has over 7 years of experience in retail, technology and ecommerce industries


Initially client was managing all deals and coupons manually which client wanted to convert into a web version. Client desired to develop web application using Django framework (Python) for better scalability and performance including a predetermined email template, which would be used to email the deals to the subscribed users.


N-Tech Technologies developed customized API of Vendor Ordering Process for BlueLink. We consolidated and automated major processes and made the system simpler for the client. We also added new search features and changed the order submission process, which helped client to process more orders in the same time span.


  • Python 2.7

  • Django 1.5.2

  • HTML



We provided a robust application that can interact with other platforms using the API structure. This web site is a coupon system that manages coupons for retail and services providers. Stores in the area can post special offers and customers can check the website regularly for deals and coupons. In today's economy the customer is always looking for weekly specials, and at Omnipon, they can be listed and easily viewed. This web design is database driven and easily sustained by the website administrator. We have created a complete backend for a coupon application. The coupon information entered in the database will be then shared with other platforms using the APIs. We have integrated 3rd party API with our application to enable them to fetch info from api. The information will be fetched by anyone who integrates the api. This application divides into five modules:

  1. Admin
  2. User management
  3. Partner
  4. Report Generation
  5. Web Services

In Admin module

In Admin panel, Admin user and Super user can manage different type of user and they can change privileges of signed up user. All the information filled up with respective country, city, and location and along with latitude, longitude.

In Partner module

Partner is Normal user type, but can access web Service API

Reports required format:

Admin/Super User Report :

Merchant Report:

  1. Offer wise coupon download numbers between a date range. This report will be accessible to all the user types, however, merchant user will be able to see numbers only for the brands and offers created by them
  2. Once the report is selected, the user will get an option to select the date range
  3. Once the date ranges is selected and submited,a report in the format above will be generated.

In Web service:

There are 2 scenarios:

API which the partner can integrate into their system.

API format is XML.
On request partner can download coupons

Partner provides their API which will be integrated into our system.


  • Easy to use processes which saved time and cost of the client and his resources
  • Targeted local advertisinghelped the client in serving customized coupons based on the location
  • The new website and system increased the number of subscribes exponentially.
  • Increased brand awareness
  • The client was now able to increase revenue by using the new cross sell and up sell features
  • Speedy sales and promotion were possible after the new website.
  • The client was able to track the campaigns and results, including the people who redeemed a particular offer
  • Client was able to increase the business through repeat customers.
It was a well executed project overall. The continuous zeal of the company to deliver promised goals was really commendable.