Omnipon web portal with customized API using Python, Django framework
April 8, 2017
Rx CARE Leave Management Module, based on ASP.NET MVC
April 7, 2017

Rx CARE Purchase Management Module, based on ASP.NET MVC

Rx CARE Purchase Management Module, based on ASP.NET MVC

Rx Care Consultant are a flourishing pharmaceutical company with over 20 pharmacies located throughout Florida, Michigan, Virginia, North Carolina and Louisiana. Rx Care is a highly-developed, premium health care agency that specializes in the placement of talented and dedicated pharmacists. In addition to placement services, they also specialize in pharmacy acquisitions. Rx Care Consultant has an extensive background in the pharmaceutical industry, so they have the knowledge and capability to strategically place pharmacists, provide assistance with employment needs and deliver comprehensive business information.


This project was developed for a large online pharmacy companies to automate and manage the backend order processing and tracking. Challenges in the project were to understand and deliver a system better than an existing purchase management system, to deliver a high-quality system and to rollout the new system.


Based on client requirement, N-Tech suggests developing purchase management application in “ASP.NET using MVC Framework” for increasing the security level of application. Connectivity of database is designed using the “MY SQL Connection” (2008). By this security standards and data protection process have be given much importance to make application more secure. We not only implement solutions using one database, but incorporate all functionality within one application.

We execute the key by keeping certain objective in mind. The Purchase Management System Platform was used to create a centralized demand management system which completes request-for-material process workflow

Pharmacy user can place the order for the product by filling form with certain details like name, quantity, date & time, unit price, total price, delivery time and status.
Based on email super admin i.e. floating admin can perform several roles like check the order status, change the status of product, approved the number of quantity, track the product details, etc… and sent the confirmation approval to the buyer.
After placing an order application sent an email notification for Order Placed Details to Super Admin for confirmation.
Application also generate the order reports by selecting month and year as a filter

The modules involved are

Business Benefits

With N-Tech Technologies, client has come across with many benefits in their processes. Some key benefits that client realized include for both Leave & Purchase Management Module.

The system was with flexible and multi-level access control to computerize and keep track the daily business operations of various regions. The system was to provide centralized control which included purchase order handling.
Purchase Management System brings together all the aspects of your supply chain fulfillment into one, highly efficient operating platform. From providing you complete visibility into sales to automating tasks involved with each order