Rx CARE Purchase Management Module, based on ASP.NET MVC
April 7, 2017
Rx Care Pharmacy Website, Using ASP.NET 4.0 Framework
April 5, 2017

Rx CARE Leave Management Module, based on ASP.NET MVC

Rx CARE Leave Management Module, based on ASP.NET MVC

Rx Care Consultant are a flourishing pharmaceutical company with over 20 pharmacies located throughout Florida, Michigan, Virginia, North Carolina and Louisiana. Rx Care is a highly-developed, premium health care agency that specializes in the placement of talented and dedicated pharmacists. In addition to placement services, they also specialize in pharmacy acquisitions. Rx Care Consultant has an extensive background in the pharmaceutical industry, so they have the knowledge and capability to strategically place pharmacists, provide assistance with employment needs and deliver comprehensive business information.


When N-Tech Technologies was contacted by Rx Care, they were manually processing and assigning their employee’s time. This process was filled with opportunities for errors. To overcome this challenge, various checks and balances were established within their manual system, which were manuscript and labor intensive. Managing leaves is a major challenge. Rx Care wants to develop an online leave board for its in-house purpose where the leave vision from sharpness management, compliancy, status and requests are all manageable.

A secure system was needed that was seamless from “Submission of Leave Application to Approvals.


Based on client requirement, N-Tech proposes developing leave management application in “ASP.NET using MVC Framework” for increasing the security level of application. Connectivity of database is designed using the “MY SQL Connection” (2008). By this security standards and data protection processes have been given much importance to make application more secure. We not only implement solutions using one database, but incorporate all functionality within one application. That means that the time and attendance, time off requests, and more are all baked into one cheap to run solution.

We execute the key by keeping certain objective in mind:

  • A person should be able to
    • login to the system through the first page of the application
    • update his\her profile
    • change the password after logging into the system
    • see his/her eligibility details (like how many days of leave he/she is eligible for etc)
    • see his/her leave history since the time he/she joined the company
    • apply for leave, specifying the from and to dates, reason for taking leave, address for communication while on leave and his/her superior’s email id
    • see his/her current leave applications and the leave applications that are submitted to him/her for approval or cancellation
    • approve/reject the leave applications that are submitted to him/her
    • withdraw his/her leave application (which has not been approved yet)
    • Cancel his/her leave (which has been already approved). This will need to be approved by his/her Superior
    • get help about the leave system on how to use the different features of the system
  • As soon as a leave application /cancellation request /withdrawal /approval /rejection /password-change is made by the person, an automatic email should be sent to the person and his superior giving details about the action
  • The number of days of leave should be automatically credited to everybody and a notification regarding the same be sent to them automatically
  • An automatic leave-approval facility for leave applications. Notification about the automatic leave approval should be sent to the person as well as his superior

The modules involved are:

Floating Admin

In this module the Administrator has the privileges to add all the Employees and register them in the organization and check the information of the Employee and check the status of the leave when they have taken and what type of leave they have taken and search is done based on the employee and report is generated based on employee.

Employee & Store Manager

In this module employee and store manager has the rights to use his username and password for login and he can see the request given by the super admin and he can pass the process to the Business Manager and maintain the record of the leave. Search: This module contain complete search like Leave search, Type of Leave, Employee based on the leave and starting and ending day of leave.


This module contains all the information about the reports generated by the Employees based on the Performance and by the leave status.


This module contains all the information about the authenticated user. User without his username and password can’t enter into the login if he is only the authenticated user then he can enter to his login.

Business Benefits

With N-Tech Technologies, client has come across with many benefits in their processes. Some key benefits that client realized include for both Leave Management Module.

Online application which can be used throughout the corporate organization.
Control costs by abolish data entry into more than one system.
Unique License Number assigned by Super Admin to each employee for identification.
Reduce grievance, and review risk with a single solution for applying, storing, and accessing workforce information
Manage talent with mechanization that reduces tedious tasks and lets employees focus on what they do best.